Christmas trees Cornwall 2019: getting set with Ladydowns Christmas trees

We’re getting set for Christmas 2019, with just a week to go until December.

We will be at Polgoon Vineyard & Orchard again, as usual this year, with the first day selling freshly cut Christmas trees, grown in Gulval, on Saturday, November 30.

We will be at Polgoon every day from then until 5pm, until 23rd December.

Did you you that pine needles are actually modified leaves, with a shape evolved to shed snow more easily. They contain a natural antifreeze called cryoprotectants that prevent cellular damage during the cold winter months.

At Ladydowns, we care about the environment, constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of emissions and greenhouse gases produced by human beings when making a product or doing their daily activities.

According to the British Carbon Trust, a natural tree that ends up as splinters for woodwork or is burnt as firewood has a 3.5 kg CO2. The carbon footprint of an artificial tree is about 40 kg of CO2. We also grow out trees locally, thus reducing delivery milage.

cornwall christmas trees