News from Ladydowns Cornwall Christmas Trees

We had a memorable trip to Downing Street, London, to see our winning tree in place, in the Pillared Room. Here are some pictures from the occasion.

From left to right:

On arrival, quick photo before going through the famous door, with a huge Christmas tree provided by the winning grower from Inverness, and the winning wreath from a grower in Guildford.

On the main staircase where portraits of every former prime minister line the walls. The current prime minister’s photograph is never on the staircase, this is added when he or she leaves office.

In the Pillared Room in front of the Ladydowns Christmas tree. Inventor John Logie Baird demonstrated one of the first televisions in the Pillared Room. Today the room is used for larger official functions and the signing of international agreements.

In the White Drawing Room, a frequent setting for meetings with Heads of State, television interviews and high profile audiences.