Ladydowns Christmas trees, Cornwall: news from the summer and autumn

We’ve had a busy summer and autumn and Ladydowns Christmas Trees, Penzance. The work doesn’t stop on Christmas Eve!

We’ve planted our fields of Christmas trees, keeping in with our ethos or reducing delivery miles and managing Ladydowns in sustainable manner.

Here is a picture of fields burdened with new growth, a local view that we love.

christmas trees cornwall

Some Christmas Trees produce lots of cones, especially in times of stress. Following last year’s exceptionally dry weather, this Korean Fir is ensuring it’s survival by going big on cone production this year.


Bluebells are exist quite happily with these Nordmann Firs, in the first flush of new growth for this year. Notice how the new growth is fastest on the south facing side of the tree.

We have recently discovered we have at Ladydowns Christmas Trees. At this time of year the bucks like to rub their antlers on small trees to remove the velvet that has been growing on them through out the summer. This is the damage they do to many trees. Naughty Bambi…